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Orpaz is made of old-fashioned Persian lilac wood, some say is 100 years old, which collapsed in the heart of a village near Dani's residence. Dani's friend "snitched" about the existence of the wood and Dani rushed to collect with love. At the time of the carving, the reddish patches were exposed, creating the unique appearance of the small bowl with the large impression.

Family Gossip ......

In the same wood family there is the Indian species, known as Nim. The leaves, roots and rhizomes are used in the Indian tradition for many generations for agricultural and medical purposes such as pest rejection and acne treatment. In addition, a bath with a cape leaves is used to soothe the skin from itching. Orpaz emphasizes that she also has the potential for relaxation....


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    First name: Orpaz

    Family affiliation: persian lilac

    Diameter: 15 cm

    Height: 4.5 cm

    SKU: 1162

    Price: 65 USD

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