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David was formed from an eucalyptus branch collected in an old marsh area where it had been lying for years. The shape of the tree dictated the trend of the live edge and fully reflected Dani's worldview which says that he is only publishing what nature has decided.

Family Gossip ......

When Deni's wife saw David for the first time, she went over to comfort Deni over the broken tool . It should be noted that Dani's explanations did not really convince her until he proved, through YouTube videos, that it is now acceptable to carve and sell such tools. Will you prove her right? If not - the "I told you!" is on his way.......


  • ID

    First name: David

    Family Relationship: Eucalyptus

    Diameter: 20 cm

    Height: 6 cm

    SKU: 1147

    Price: 75 USD

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