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Dor, The candlestick is made of a huge Tamarix tree that is still alive and thriving. The candlestick is made from half a tree that has twisted and cracked in one of the strong winds in recent years, and is recognized as part of a rescue pruning. Much of the same brunch remained in place and was soon covered in shrubs - until the burning of thorns revealed the remaining relatively intact stem. The treasure that has been discovered is a very old tree, at least a few decades old, and therefore boasts an impressive dark color in several shades, a very high level of hardness and a unique texture that can only be obtained in older trees. Dani decided to leave in the candlestick part of the shell, a memory of this hardship.

Family Gossip ......

coal is a fuel derived from the pyrolysis of wood. The coal is formed from roasting of wood cuttings at a temperature of 800–900 ° C in the presence of water vapor or carbon dioxide and in the absence of oxygen . The timber coal industry was formerly widespread in the Land of Israel and gave its name to the "Umm al-Fahm" settlement translated as "Mother of coal". Beyond grilling (bbq), charcoal is used for drawing pencils, water purification and even filtering of whiskey known as Tennessee Whiskey. Fortunately for Dor, the branch from which it was created burned - but did not become coal and thus the unique item was born .....


  • תעודת זהות

    שם פרטי: דור

    שייכות משפחתית: אשל

    גובה: 20 ס"מ

    אורך: 9-9.5 ס"מ

    רוחב: 4.5 ס"מ

    מק"ט: לוג 1175

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