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Diego is made of a brushy, invading tree that causes damage to natural habitats. Nature lover Danny, over the years has developed a negative attitude to the tree, but the carving experience and ability to make it a beautiful and practical tool have softened his position. It says: Make Lemons a Lemonade ...

Family Gossip ......

As an invasive species, the brushing system does a great deal of damage to the areas it invades by taking over the habitat. The species has a number of abilities that make it dominant: the brooding system multiplies both through seeds and vegetatively; The quantities of seeds produced are enormous . Excision of the individual does not kill him and he grows again. Burning also does not kill it and even gives it a competitive advantage over other species and even displacing the plant in its entirety is not enough because it produces a seed bank in the soil, which lasts for about 50 years . Diego promises to develop similar durability ....



  • ID

    First name: Diego

    Family Belonging: Acacia saligna

    Diameter: 11 cm

    Height: 12.5 cm

    SKU: 1161

    Price: 100 USD

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