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The source of Hadar is dry lemon tree falls in one of Hasharon area orchards. Originally, the log was brought to the family's home for heating the cold winter nights but something in the look caused Dani to change his wood utility and try to carve it. hadar is suitable for a bouquet of flowers in a small jar or storage utensils for candies lying on the table.


Family Gossip ......

The Lemon Tree stars in the poem by Dori Ben Zeev and Shalom Hanoch "Lemon Tree", one of the first Hebrew "Nonsense" songs:

"was sitting by the lemon tree
This is the fruit of fresh lemon
Heavy fruits have fresh lemons

Suddenly the fruit fell on me
Lucky it didn't kill me
Heavy fruits have fresh lemons"


  • ID

    First name: Hadar

    Family affiliation: Lemon tree

    Diameter: 12 cm

    Height: 10 cm

    SKU: Log 1138

    Price: 70 USD

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