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Hagit is an a-symmetrical bowl originating from the tamarix trunk found by Dani at the edge of a veteran farm. The farmer who lives in a farm told Deni that the breed has been cast for years and serves his grandchildren as a hideout in the hide-away game, but he was happy with Dani suggestion to help clean up the area. The configuration of the breed caused Dani, with his german DNA, to create a unique a-symmetrical tool that highlights the reddish spots


Family Gossip ......

The name "Hagit" is mentioned in the Bible 5 times and was probably one of King David's wives. Hagit is also a queen, in her own right ....



  • ID

    First name: Hagit

    Family Relationship: Eshel

    Length: 25 cm

    Width: 16 cm

    Height: 5 cm

    SKU: Log 1114

    Price: 85 USD

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