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Tiger made of a log of Erukaria tree that had been lying for years in the fields close to Dani's house. Dani passed him many times, but thought there was no potential in carving this tree. After exploring, Dani discovered to his surprise that this tree was considered one of the most sought after and most expensive for woodworking due to its light weight in relation to its strength and color. Therefore, although found in this tree trunk wormholes, Danny decided to use the tree after anti-worm treatment. The holes remain as souvenirs, the worms are still looking for a new hot home without a mortgage.

Family Gossip ......

Tiger believes that because of its beauty it can only be used as a decoration, but Danni believes it is a practical tray for bread, cheese and decorative objects. Who do you think is right?


  • ID

    First name: Tiger

    Family affiliation: Arucaria

    Length: 38 cm

    Width: 17.5 cm

    Height: 5.5 cm

    SKU: Log 1119

    Price: 175 USD

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