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In the area of Dani's residence a road expansion project was carried out, for which a series of Acacia saligna were cut. Dani could not remain indifferent to the trunks, collected and dried several of them, and created Yaffe as a memorial for that line. The beautiful round shape is proud of her figure, its reddish color and a memory of her ancestral heritage.


Family Gossip ......

The Acacia saligna is an invasive species from Australia that was brought to Israel in order to stop the migration of sands but its spread has become harmful. Therefore his image in the country is not really positive. in our family, precisely because of this, it was warmly adopted and it was decided to turn the lemon into a lemonade ...


  • ID

    First name: yafa

    Family affiliation: Acacia saligna

    Diameter: 11 cm

    Height: 7 cm

    SKU: Log 1128

    Price: 75 USD

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