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Linda was created from the Arucaria branch. Already during the course of the work, Dani discovered the deep fissure that indicates a deep personal crisis, however, after completing the carving and grinding process, Dani decided that it was part of Linda's natural beauty and personal story. Linda herself feels perfect, without or with a crack, and particularly likes to emphasize the typical "tiger eyes" of a tree.

Family Gossip ......

"Eye of the tiger" of the survivor band broke into our lives in 1982 as the theme song of the movie "Rocky 3". In 1983, he was nominated for an Academy Award as a theme song but lost to "what a feeling" from the movie Flash Dance. Linda is sure she would not lose ...


  • ID

    First name: Linda

    Family affiliation: Arucaria

    Length: 30 cm

    Width: 20 cm

    Height: 5 cm

    SKU: 1148

    Price: 130 USD

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