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The two queens, a pair of Shabbat candlesticks, are made of a large frame that was mined and left as an irreversible stone. The rectangular cut allowed for the striking texture of this wood type, which is underestimated. Danny tried to create a pair of candlesticks as identical as possible but due to the texture of the tree these were similar but not identical twins.

Family gossip

Every Friday night, the Shabbat candlesticks light up at the Dani House, alongside a traditional family meal. In the family it is customary that each of the residents of the table welcomes separately and over the years each child has created his or her "welcome password". For example, one of Denny's children greets the family each week because they eat good food, another son greets the beloved football team and another daughter hopes every week that good sailors will be found online.


  • תעודת זהות

    שם פרטי: מלכה

    שייכות משפחתית: אזדרכת

    גובה: 15 ס"מ

    אורך: 8 ס"מ

    רוחב: 5 ס"מ

    מק"ט: לוג 1170

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