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The charming Maxim is a tool made from a large-sized strawberry tree core lying in a ditch at the edge of a farm in the center of the country. maxim boasts a special polishing work that created a particularly thin wall. A natural crack was left but strengthened by a carved oak 'butterfly'. The elegant look can justify Maxim's existence as a work of art, but don't just look at the external buety - Maxim is a practical tool for fruits, transparent contempt flowers or ornamental stones and the crack allows for a special glimpse of what is happening inside ... true "paparazzi"

Family Gossip ......

Papillon oak is reminiscent of papillon tie. The Papillon tie, which is derived from a " papillon " in French which means butterfly, is often used as part of a formal dress, such as a business suit or work uniform. Maxim agrees with his statement that his tie gives him the combined look of business and pleasure .....


  • תעודת זהות

    שם פרטי: מקסים

    שייכות משפחתית: תות ואלון

    קוטר: 19 ס"מ

    גובה: 18.5 ס"מ

    מק"ט: לוג 1177


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