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The delicate Flori belongs to the Tamarix family, which originates from an ancient, dry "Eshel tree" found in the south of the country by Dani during a romantic trip with his wife. Dani's wife is already used to be replaced by a tree.... In spite of the jealousy, Dani's wife is delighted with the beautiful Flori who creates a special atmosphere for each couple.

Family Gossip ......

The floral branch photographed alongside Flori is from the almond tree (the almond) in the courtyard of the house. "Tu B'Shvat" is an Israeli holiday which represents the beginning of the spring and the almond tree blossom has become his symbol since the almond is the first to bloom after the winter.


  • תעודת זהות

    שם פרטי: פלורי

    שייכות משפחתית: אשל

    קוטר: 7 ס"מ

    גובה: 22.5 ס"מ

    מק"ט: 1152

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