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Kobe, the elegant serving platter, is made of Melia azedarach wood. In fact, Kobe is a descendant of a multi-child family. The size of the breed allowed Danny to produce a number of special boards. Beyond its size, the configuration of the breed led to the creation of the asymmetric family proving that asymmetry is the new symmetry….

Family Gossip ......

The generosity of the Elderly Tree is reminiscent of the story of Silverstatin - the giving tree. The original book was published in 1964 and has been translated into more than 30 languages. The story of the book was about the great love of a tree for a child and the willingness of the tree to grant unconditional love . In the original English version of the book, the reference to the tree is female and the child is male. This angered feminists who saw it as a macho book , which characterizes masculine mentality as harsh and feminine as a gift. Despite this statement, Kobe feels he is completely on the giving side ....


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    First name: Kobe

    Family affiliation: meliaceae

    Length: 40 cm

    Width: 25 cm

    Thickness: 2 cm

    SKU: 1163

    Price: 145 USD

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