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Rosa was created from an eucalyptus breed found 15 years ago in a water channel near a large marsh. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that Rosa's beak in the eucalyptus trees planted alongside water reservoirs began The late 19th century for drying the Marshes.

For about 15 years, the trunk stood in the family yard and served as a fireplace wood splitting surface. On one warm summer evening, Dani went out into the yard, watched the trunk from all sides and decided it was time to reveal its inner beauty.

Rosa, the naturally reddish bowl, is proud of her body size and believes it is suitable for serving as a decorative and storage tool for the seasonal fruits or placing jam jars that you have prepared to pamper guests with brunch.


Family Gossip ......


Charles Louis La Hartia de Brutal, a French botanist, gave the Eucalyptus family its name in the late 18th century. The scientific name "eucalyptus" is a connection between two words in Greek: "-" Eu " well" and "kalypto" "I cover", which means "well covered".

The cover refers to the lid - the eucalyptus flower bud thrown at the appropriate moment to allow the flower to bloom.


  • ID

    First name: Rosa

    Family Relationship: Eucalyptus

    Outer diameter: 30 cm

    Inner diameter: 22 cm

    Height: 7.5 cm

    SKU: Log 1130

    Price: 285 USD

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