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For many years, a huge ash tree stood at the entrance to a veteran seat in Sharon. In October 2015, a storm in the area did not look like it did, which cut off the seat for 5 days and caused heavy damage. At the end of the storm, it was discovered that one of the trees that did not hold up in the turbulent winds was the same ash. The familiar Eshel trunk turns away but some branches remain by the road as a remnant of the living tree. Four years after the storm, Danny decided to return a love tree and turned one of his branches into Valentino, the candle that keeps the romance going. The high finish level brought out the special texture of the Eshel, a texture that looks almost immediately.


Family Gossip ......

The letters Eshel have several uses. The Eshel Tree, mentioned in the Bible 3 times, the well-known dairy delicacy "Eshel" and even the acronym for Eshel - a budget for eating, drinking and lodging. Our Valentino, the romantic soul, argues that whoever lights up Narro on a rainy wintry evening will not need any of these because love will fulfill all his needs ......




  • ID

    First name: Valentino

    Family Relationship: Tamarix

    Outer diameter: 9 cm

    Height: 18 cm

    SKU: Log 1117

    Price: 90 USD


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