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The smooth, round bowl is made of strawberry wood branch. Because of her fruit-producing roots, Rona wants to emphasize her special affection as a bowl for the season's fruits. Recently, because of her desire to preserve the figure, Rona prefer apples and gave up the mango ....

Family Gossip ......

The nomological value of the name "Rona" in Hebrew is 9. The names of the numerological value 9 are usually determined from childhood. They have great leadership and courage and a tendency to lead a large audience and be very convincing in their own way. Our Rona is also compelling in her way ...


  • ID

    First name: Rona

    Family affiliation: Strawberry

    Diameter: 27 cm

    Height: 4 cm

    SKU: Log 1129

    Price: 145 USD

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