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Shmil, The long tray / stool is made for for carrying decorative objects, potted plants or serving tea. The rustic tray is made meliaceae, of both body and legs. Shmil points out that it can also be used as a saucer for laying a casserole or hot pan and no doubt that whatever is carried will become the center of the meal.

Family Gossip ......

Did you know?the first Meliaceae was brought to Israel in 1577. It is still planted as an ornamental plant, but today the tree is on the list of invading plants of the Ministry of the Environment. He is also considered an invader in the United States, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Paraguay, Venezuela, England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. Shamil really does not feel an intruder but the landlord ....


  • ID

    First name: Shmil

    Family affiliation: I will

    Height: 9 cm

    Width: 16 cm

    Length: 59 cm

    SKU: 1151

    Price: 600 NIS

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