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Tamari is the heart of the Arucaria breed that has been preserved despite its external decay and has been fully discovered after its carving. The size of the breed allowed the creation of the large piercing eye urn capable of storing many things with the lid or a jar of ornamental flowers without the lid.

Family Gossip ......

Tamar in Hebrew is a sweet fruit of the palm tree that grows in clusters and is one of the seven species in which the Land of Israel has been praised. The biblical character Tamar is also the daughter of King David and the daughter of Talmud King Geshur, and the sister of Absalom and Amnon . The name Tamar implies a courageous, enterprising woman who does not go furry, a female leader. In addition, because it is a sweet fruit and one of the seven species, the name expresses connection to nature, growth, sweetness and communicates the qualities of the land . Our Tamari is convinced that it fits 100 percent to the above description.


  • ID

    First name: Tamari

    Family affiliation: Arucaria

    Height without lid: 23 cm

    Height with lid: 28 cm

    Diameter: 17 cm

    SKU: Log 11751

    Price: 315 USD

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