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Tirtza is a scion for the family of strawberry trees. The branch from which it was created was found by Dani during a vacation in the north of Israel. During her preparation, Dani decided to leave the natural cracks of the tree as part of her charm and beauty.

Family Gossip ......

Tirtza is named after the author Tirtza atar, who authored the well-known Israeli children's book "The Lion Who Loved Strawberry." The story focuses on a lion who wants to eat strawberries , and only strawberries, but in a forest where he lives there are no strawberries. While his lioness mother tries to convince him to eat other foods, The lion insists on eating only strawberries, and when children walk in the woods and under them strawberries, the lion asks to taste the food, but the children are frightened and run away.The lion tastes of the strawberries they found in their leftovers and eats all the strawberries they have left. as a result he decides he doesn't like strawberries. lion's approach changed and from that day forward he started eating with relish the food that gives him his mother. compared to the lion, Dani's children always eaten with appetite everything served on the table ....


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    First name: Want

    Family affiliation: Strawberry

    Diameter: 22 cm

    Height: 11 cm

    SKU: 1145

    Price: 130 USD

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