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"Log wood boutique" specialized in unique wood craft of practical and decoration accessories. Our creations are recycled from old wood waste, both natural and industrial.


Dani, the wood craftsman, collects the wood during his road trips from different locations in Israel. At home, he observes the new raw material, integrate their energies and decide how to shape him in a new form of life. Therefore, each product is unique and one of a kind.


We believe that the natural and aesthetic connection between human beings and woods allows us to feel relaxed, grounded to our roots and brings the spirit and energy of nature to our environment.


Dani the craftsman was born in a isolated farm located in north Israel. From his childhood he used to engrave wood and create kitchen tools as presents for his mother. During the years he developed those skills and kept it as a hobby.


This hobby was combined with his love for nature and trips, which exposed him to wood waste from different varieties. Now, in his 50's, he decided to share his perspectives of life and spread it through his wood creations. Bella, his beloved dog, revealed as a perfect partner, both as a muse and  a ecological sawdust absorber……


"Log wood boutique" doesn’t hold regular inventory of creations, since every product is unique and dependent on wood availability. Therefore the actual inventory is updated in the site and changes on daily base.

Dani & Bella create bowls, cutting & serving boards, candlesticks, small benches, clocks, office accessories, hangers and Judaica items.


Since the decision to open "logwoodboutique" dani's family has become "The log family". Dani is the craftsman and the main anchor but the entire family is involved. michal, the wife, Guy, Noa, Yael & Eyal the children, Lirit and Lihi from the family and even kalila - the mother in law - everyone are a part of the special spirit and give their contribution and energy. We believe family spirit combined with nature spirit is the way to make the journey of life and invite you to join!      

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