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The serving platter is made of a giant Meliaceae tree that collapsed one clear day without explanation. As Dani began working on the impressive trunk, textures and shapes were revealed that tell a complete and fascinating story about the history of the tree - a history map full of hues. The shape of the trunk allowed the creation of a surface with a special and a-symmetrical flow.

Family Gossip ......

The family banana cake on Udi is one of Dani's favorite cakes. Dani's couple managed to convince the housemates that it was a delicious, healthy cake and even a slice ...



  • תעודת זהות

    שם פרטי: אודי

    שייכות משפחתית: אזדרכת

    אורך: 42 ס"מ

    רוחב: 27 ס"מ

    עובי: 1.5 ס"מ

    מק"ט: 11461


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