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Ursula, the bowl with the piercing eyes. Made out of the remaining of an arokaria tree that laid in nature for decades. The magical moment of sculpting and discovering the eyes inspired creativity that influenced the final design of the product.

Family gossip

Ursula, or Ursula the sea witch, is a fiction character and the main villain in the Walt Disney 1989s movie "the little mermaid". In the original story written by Hans Christian Anderson Ursula is a neutral character, our Ursula is a trying her best to stay neutral, but she isn't a saint…


  • ID

    First name: Ursula

    Family affiliation: arokaria

    Diameter: 18.5 cm\ 7.3"

    Height: 8 cm\ 3.1"

    Catalog number: log 1137

    Price: 145 USD

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