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Alice is a scion of the family of strawberry trees. The branch from which it was created was found by Dani during a vacation in the north of Israel. During her preparation, Dani decided to leave the natural holes as part of her charm and beauty. Alice is a small bowl that can be used for cookies, crackers or dried fruits at any time.

Family Gossip ......

The most well-known song that Strawberry is mentioned is "strawberry fields forever ". The song was written by John Lennon and released on the Beatles 14th album in 1967. Music critics claim it is one of those breakthrough songs due to the widespread use of recording technologies, up to that time. Alice was excited to hear about the avenue and remembered that she had relatives in England, but she couldn't remember in which city .....


  • ID

    First name: Alice

    Family affiliation: Strawberry

    Diameter: 16 cm

    Height: 9 cm

    SKU: 1146

    Price: 75 USD

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