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Ayuni made of a log of the Eruacaria tree that had been lying for years in the fields close to Dani's house. Dani passed him many times, but never thought there was potential in carving this tree. On one of the inspirational days, however, Dani decided to develop a relationship, and like any fairy tale - it was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Upon the carving of the tree, the stained and special rings originating from the branches of the branches were discovered and serve as a unique decoration and an eye for exploration, perhaps even against the evil eye .....


Family Gossip ......

The araucaria is a coniferous tree found in Israel in a cultivated version as an ornamental tree. Therefore, it is likely that the roots of Ayuni are in the ornamental garden in one of the villages and it was thrown to the field by a vigorous gardener after its pruning.


  • ID

    First name: Ayuni

    Family affiliation: Arucaria

    Diameter: 16 cm

    Height: 18.5 cm

    SKU: Log 1116

    Price: 275 USD

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