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What can be made of strawberry if not candle stand? Strawberries, champagne and candlelight - nothing more romantic than that .... Roman was created from a large-scale strawberry tree residue that lay on the outskirts of an agricultural farm as a stone that has not been turned over for at least four decades. Dani, who is not considered a particularly romantic type (at least, his wife claims ...) did not live up to the elderly man's charms, and so we came to a halt.


Family Gossip ......

The strawberry tree was brought to Israel about 1000 years ago from Asia, with three main varieties in the country: the black mulberry, the white mulberry and the Pakistani mulberry. There is a Pakistani strawberry tree in Dani's yard and his fruits are Bella's favorite snack.


  • ID

    First name: Roman

    Family affiliation: Strawberry

    Length: 20 cm

    Width: 10 cm

    Height: 17 cm

    SKU: Log 1118

    Price: 110 SD

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