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Policy and Terms of Use

Introduction and definitions

The site serves as a virtual store for the purchase of log wood boutique products HP 022962989 which is registered and registered at POB  959  Haruzim, Israel . 

 Any person, including a corporation may use and perform the purchase through the Website, and all subject to the terms of these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of the Website published in the Privacy Policy , forms an integral part of this Policy

The user declares that he / she is competent to perform binding legal actions. Users who are minors (under the age of 18) and / or are not allowed to take legal action without the consent of a guardian are required to inform their parents and / or their legal guardians regarding the provisions of these Terms of Use and obtain their consent to use the Site and perform any activity Kind of, within the site. The responsibility and / or supervision of informing minors who wish to browse the website regarding the Bylaws and to act in accordance with the terms of these Bylaws applies only to the parents. Any activity performed on the site by a minor constitutes parental consent for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions.

 The User declares that he is aware that browsing and / or using the Website, of any kind, including reliance on the prices offered on the Website and the purchase of products and / or services, constitutes his consent and approval to do so in according to this policy.  The Products are wood products for sale on the Website. Business keeps both itself and the right to change the Terms of Use from time to time, at the discretion and sole and without prior notice. The validity of the change of policy will begin from the moment it is published on the site. It is the user's duty to keep up to date with the privacy policy and policies at each login. If the user does not agree to the policies, in whole or in part, he may not use the site for any purpose and the user will have no claim, claim and / or demand against the company.

 The price of the products on the site is in new shekels or dollars , VAT and shipping fees are included in the end of the process.

 The business will do its best to present as accurate images as possible of the products offered for sale on the site. The user declares that he is aware that the product images, including the colors displayed on the website, are for illustration purposes only. There may be differences between the products, as shown on the website, and the actual products sold, including differences in color. There has been a misunderstanding in describing a product and / or in visibility and / or in the color of the product and / or in the way the product looks, it will not require the company.

 The Business retains its exclusive and full right to offer the Site from time to time, and in its sole and exclusive discretion, offers and / or benefits and / or discounts, and may at any time discontinue, change and change all of this without prior notice.

The business retains its exclusive and full right to update from time to time, in its sole and exclusive discretion, the prices of the products on the website and / or the shipping charges, without prior notice. The price determined by the order placed by the user will be the price published and stated on the day of the order (the day the credit company approved the transaction). For the avoidance of doubt, if the product price is updated on the site before the order is completed, the charge will be according to the updated price, which will appear when the order process is completed.

 Business reserves the right to prevent a user, according to the judgment and  browsing the database and / or prevent the user from accessing interacting and / or able to make purchases on the site, if the behavior of the user is inappropriate and / or is contrary to the regulations and / or have In order to raise concern about the malfunctioning of the proper management of the Website and / or infringes the rights of a third party and / or any law. 

The titles and / or chapter headings in this policy are presented for convenience and / or user orientation only and shall not be used in any way to interpret the policy.


Services and uses of the site 

Subject to these Terms and Conditions, the user can view products on the site, create a "shopping cart" that lists the user's preferred product list, and purchase products.

 Subject to the following, the user may share information displayed on the Website via social networks or via e-mail and / or whats upp . The user declares and confirms that the content of the site will be shared in accordance with this policy and only through social networks and / or e-mail and / or a whats upp account which is registered in his name and who has the right to use it. The user declares that he / she is aware that content that he / she shared is not private and third parties, including the business, can use that content. The user declares that he / she knows that the business may use the name and / or content posted by the user in connection with the company and / or the website. 

The User warrants and declares that the Website and / or its contents will not be used for commercial and / or other purposes, other than the use of the Website in accordance with the terms of these Terms. 

The business reserves the sole and full right to modify and update the list of content and / or services and / or products on the site, its structure, appearance and design, without prior notice, including any other aspect of the site or the management of its content and services and the user will not make any claim and / Or a claim and / or claim against the Company for such changes and / or updates and / or for any malfunctions that may occur (if any) as a result. Use of the Site After any modification of the Website constitutes user consent to the terms of the Site / or Terms, as modified.

 The business reserves the sole and full right to remove the site from the network and / or block access to the site - in whole or in part without any prior notice. These actions may be accompanied by deletion of the information therein, in whole or in part.

Ordering products on site

You can order products on the site as a guest, without registration. In order to place an order, the requested information must be entered on the website. At the end of the order, an electronic message with the order details will be sent to the e-mail address that was entered at the time of placing the order. 

 After selecting a product and adding the product  to the "shopping cart", the user can place an order by clicking on the "Continue" button on the "My Shopping Cart" page. The instructions specified on the website must be complied with , and after completing the order, the user will be given an order number for confirmation and tracking of the order made, using an email address provided when placing the order.

 When placing the order by the user, the user will choose one of the payment methods available on the website, which are updated from time to time. In addition, the credit card information provided by the user will be checked, and upon receipt from the credit company, a message will be sent to the user informing him of the confirmation of the booking with the e-mail address and / or the entered telephone number. If it becomes apparent that the user's credit card is invalid and / or that the credit company does not respect the transaction, the business representative will contact the user for the purpose of completing the transaction, using the e-mail address and / or telephone number entered. 

The user must be careful to provide accurate and accurate details when placing the order in order to avoid malfunctions and delays in its execution. If correct details are not provided, the order will not be placed.

 As soon as the order is placed upon the Company, it is discovered that one or more of the products purchased under the order cannot be supplied, including because it is not in stock (even if the order was presented as being in stock), the company will not be obliged to provide the product to the user, and the user will not be charged for the product Can be provided, and the user will have no claim against the company in this matter.

 When placing an order, the User will indicate in the "Order Form" of his choice: (a) a destination for delivery, subject to the addition of shipping charges as appearing on the Website ("Shipping Fees"), which are updated from time to time.  

Shipments and deliveries of products ordered through the Website will be made on Sundays and Thursdays which are working days (excluding holidays, holiday evenings, weekends and remembrance days) (hereinafter: "business days") from 08:00 to 22:00 , And Fridays and Holidays starting from 8 a.m. to 4 hours prior to the Sabbath / Holiday, through a shipping company on its behalf.

Delivery of product and / or products to the destination requested by the user in the "Order Form" will be made within 7-21 business days from the date of placing the order. The delivery times listed above are estimated and will start from the date of order confirmation by the credit company. It is clarified that there may be delays in the delivery dates as specified in this section and above, which are dependent on the third party, which are independent and not under the control of the Company, and the Company will not be liable for the delay in delivery of the product for any reason beyond its control.


The business is not responsible in cases where the order does not reach its destination for user-related reasons, including filling out the "order form" with incorrect and / or inaccurate details and / or because the user was not present at the address he entered at the specified time and / or because the user refused the order. The business does not undertake to provide for re-shipment in the cases stated in this section.

Return policy on purchased products 

After completing the purchase transaction on the site, the customer will be sent to the e-mail address provided at the time of the transaction, a document specifying the transaction details as required by the Consumer Protection Law (hereinafter: the " transaction details document")

Cancellation of a transaction can be done according to the terms set out below, and by contacting the company in one of the following ways:

  1. Fill out a transaction cancellation form on the website 

  2. E-mail registered on the site

  3. By mail is registered to the boutique log address PO Box 959 Haruzim 60917 Israel

In the cancellation notice, the customer will indicate his name, his ID number and the order number (indicated in the transaction details document).

A Customer may cancel the order placed on the Website subject to and in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: the " Consumer Protection Law ) all as follows:

  1. A customer may cancel the transaction from the date of its making up to 14 days from the date of receipt of the product, or from the date of receipt of the transaction details document, whichever is later ;

  2.  Cancellation of a transaction by a person with a disability, a veteran citizen or a new immigrant will be done within 4 months of the transaction being executed, provided that the contracting of the transaction included a conversation between the buyer and the company (including a call via electronic communication). The company may ask the customer to present a certificate proving that he is a disabled person, a veteran citizen or a new immigrant.

  3. If a transaction is canceled due to a defect in the product, a mismatch between the product received and the transaction details document or other violation of the terms of the transaction - the company may deduct a cancellation fee of more than 5% of the product price or NIS 100, whichever is lower ;

  4. A customer who canceled a transaction due to a defect in the product, a mismatch between the product received and the transaction details document or other violation of the terms of the transaction is required to return the product by registered mail or courier service to the business address.

  5. A customer who canceled a transaction due to a defect in the product, a discrepancy between the product received and the transaction details document or other violation of the terms of the transaction will notify the member accordingly with the date for collecting the product or coordinating the delivery of the supplier's account.

  6. Canceling a transaction and refunding will only be possible on the credit card through which the order was placed on the site.

  7.  Customers who wish to do so will be able to choose between monetary restitution as described above, and switching the product to an equivalent product or receiving a credit voucher for repurchase at the network branches indefinitely.

  8. For the avoidance of doubt it will be clarified that as far as the products sold as part of the kit are concerned, the transaction in respect of a single item cannot be canceled out of the kit. Cancellation of the transaction will only be possible in relation to its value as a whole.

Product replacement

In addition to the above, if you wish to exchange the product that you purchased on the site for another model / other color model / smaller or larger learning or to return a product and receive a promotional voucher for it, we allow the issue of a voucher for repurchase indefinitely.  

To do so, the product must be returned / replaced by "Contact Us" when the product is returned in its original packaging and is / are brand new, without any use marks and can be returned to resale.

The exchange of a product will only be possible by displaying the "Order Form and Payment Confirmation" attached to the shipment package.

For returned product, you can receive a credit card voucher indefinitely. For the voucher, the product must be returned for up to 30 days (note: no business days) from the date of delivery. 

Return items policy on purchases from sales positions

Exchanging a product against a product and / or a credit will be possible up to 14 days from the date of purchase when the product is not used, is not defective and is returned in its original packaging with an invoice or exchange note or other proof of the actual transaction, date, amount paid and method of payment.  

Replacement of a product purchased on offer and / or at the end of the season for a product and / or a credit will be possible for up to 7 days from the date of purchase when the product is not used, is not defective and is returned in its original packaging with an invoice or exchange note or other proof of the actual transaction, date, amount paid And the means of payment.  

Refund on purchases from sales positions

Customer will be entitled to a refund from the date of purchase until the end of the next two days - other than rest days - when the product is not used, defective and returned in its original packaging with an invoice or other note of exchange or proof of the execution of the transaction, the date, the amount paid and the means of payment, when the fee is deducted. Cancellation of 5% of the price of the goods or the value of the service or 100 NIS , whichever is lower , in accordance with the dates and conditions stipulated in the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of Transaction), 2010.

Warranty Policy

Manufacturer Warranty will apply to Network Products for up to 3 months from date of purchase.

Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

The User undertakes and declares that he / she is aware of and agrees that:

 The use of the site and the services offered and / or product / s is the responsibility of the user .The use of the site and its contents to the user as it is (AS IS) And the User shall have no claim, claim or demand against the Business for the use or service features of the Website, its capabilities and limitations, or its failure to comply with the user's needs, except with respect to rights which cannot be legally claimed.

 The Business shall not be liable for any damage directly or indirectly caused to the User due to use of the Website and / or Services, delays in delivery, or as a result of the Products provided to the User being defective, defective or improper, unless the defect was caused by the negligence of the Business . In this case, the liability of the business will be limited to the amount equal to the order price.

 The Business does not warrant that the Website Services will be rendered in order or without interruption, be of high quality, safe and error free, and / or disruptive and be immune from unauthorized access to computers and / or company software or from damages, malfunctions, malfunctions or failures including hardware, software , Lines and communication systems, the business or its suppliers or the user, and the user will have no claim against the business in this regard. The user is aware that the service may not be available in the future for maintenance , upgrading or for any other reason.

 To the extent that the user is charged when the order is overcharged or missing, resulting from the incorrect billing of the business , the user will be credited with an amount due or not charged. To the extent that a charge is made at the time of billing the user for the amount of payment for which an order is made, the user declares to inform him that the billing is due at another time.

 The business does not warrant that all links found on the site will be valid and lead users to an active website. The business may delete links that were previously included in the site, or refrain from adding new links - all at its sole discretion. The fact that a site has a link to a particular website does not constitute a confirmation that the information on this site is complete, reliable, up-to-date or reliable and the business is not responsible for the content on third party sites. 


The user is aware that, in any case, business and / or its representative and , do not carry nor be held responsible for the user and / or any third party for any damages (including, but not limited to, damages for loss of a data, loss of programs, costs Provision of alternative service, or service interruptions) whether direct, indirect, secondary, ancillary, special or consequential arising from the use of the site and / or the services, from exposure to the site, browsing the site, the inability to use the site, the purchase and / or use of the products, the execution of a transaction , Shipping, as a result of unauthorized use of the Website or as a result of changing the information provided by the user, including damage caused by loss of profits, use and loss of information and other intangible assets. If the site has been notified of the feasibility of those losses.

 The user undertakes that is responsible for all direct or indirect result arising from the use of the site and its services and the user agrees to indemnify the enterprise or its representative and protect me and , in respect of any claim, demand, loss, loss of profits, cost, expense or damage, including legal fees Legal fees and expenses (including any third party's), as a result of the user's use and / or browsing and / or inability to use the site and / or the services and / or the products and / or the violation of the website policy. The user is aware that the use of the site is subject to all applicable local, state and international laws and regulations and the user undertakes not to violate any law and / or regulation in connection with the use of the site and its services. In addition, the User undertakes not to perform and / or attempt to perform system sensitivity and / or testing, or to crack security or authentication measures, or to interfere with systems and / or networks connected to the Service or to violate any laws, regulations, policies or processes Of other systems and / or networks. The user undertakes not to obtain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the service, other accounts on the site, computer systems and communication networks connected to the service by cracking a password or any other means.



All intellectual property rights in the site, including the products and / or models, description, registration, design and any details relating to their operation, trademarks, copyrights, graphic design of the site and its code of operation, images, texts, methods and trade secrets are the sole property of the business. 

The user undertakes not to copy, distribute, reproduce, sell, or sell the information of the business without having obtained consent in advance in writing.

 It is prohibited to make any commercial use of the business information as well as data posted on the website, its data, pictures and product lists and / or any other information published therein, without the prior written consent of the business.

 It is prohibited to use the business information and / or any data published on the site for display on another website or service, without the prior written consent of the business.

Website Icons ,Icons), The logos, trademarks, the design and presentation, the graphics of all and the like), the verbal content on the website, its editing and presentation are the sole property of the business.

 Content from the site is prohibited, including within a frame - iFrame- Visible or covert, on another site.

 The user may use the services provided on the website for legitimate purposes only.

Content and User Content

Some types of content are displayed on the site. "Content" means, in general, any content displayed or viewed on the Website, including any image, document, text or any modification or derivative of the foregoing.

 The user is solely responsible for user content that the user creates, shares or uploads on the website and / or social networks related to the company (hereinafter: "user content). The User warrants and declares that the User Content is in compliance with any law which has the necessary rights to distribute the User Content and that the User Content does not infringe any copyright, privacy or intellectual property rights and / or other third party rights.

 The business has no obligation to accept, review, view or approve any request for distribution of User Content. The Business reserves the right to reject, delete and remove any User Content at its sole discretion. The Business does not sponsor any Content (including, but not derogate from, all Content used), and expressly disclaims any liability with regard to Content and / or User Content.

 The business may , in its sole discretion , choose to monitor user content against improper or illegal behavior, including by automatic means, provided that the business retains its right not to edit and / or prevent and / or remove content from the site, except in violation of the policies and / Or any law is brought to the attention of the company directly. 

Without derogating from the foregoing, the User agrees that he will not share or upload any User Content or make use of any kind which violates any law and / or policies and / or privacy policies.

 The user hereby gives unlimited license to the business to use the user's content, without any obligation to pay royalties or any other compensation to the user.

 The content on the site may come from various sources. The user declares that he understands and agrees that the business is not responsible for the accuracy, usefulness, safety, appropriateness, or infringement of intellectual property rights or in connection with the content (including, user content. (Although each user is required to agree to the policies, there may be users who distribute or upload offensive and / or obscene user content that other users may involuntarily disclose. The user agrees to waive, and hereby waives any right or remedy under any law which he or she may have against the business in this context. Other parties may obtain personal information from the user due to the use of the site, including through user content. Anyone who receives this User Content may use the information contained therein and / or arising therefrom for purposes other than those intended by the User. The business is not responsible for any use of such user's personal information, which lies and / or arises from user content. By disseminating any information in the form of user content, the user is aware that he has agreed to take this risk. The Business disclaims all liability, regardless of the manner in which the claim is made, in connection with any act or omission of any User, whether or not this occurred during the use of the Website.

 User commitment on the site

In addition to all that is stated in these Terms and Conditions, the User undertakes that he will not do and / or not distribute User Content containing one or more of the following:

Will violate any law. 

 Impersonate any person or body , including the business representative and / or disclose a false or false representation of contact with any person or body and / or upload, transmit, transmit or transmit any false and misleading material and / or material intended to mislead a user or Any body, including for the purpose of obtaining a password or any other personal information from other users.

 Will be used for the purpose of tracing another person or harassing another person in any way.

 Violate or infringe any intellectual property, moral, advertising, privacy, or other right of any third party.

 Upload, transmit, transmit or transmit false, false or false information that may harm the Company or any third party.

 Upload , transmit , transmit or transmit any material that is, or was intended by, the user to know that it is, stolen, illegal, fraudulent, fraudulent, pirated, unauthorized, or violent, As a result of the above.

Upload, transmit, transmit or transmit any material containing any kind of computer code designed to destroy, interfere with, or restrict use (including any use other than fair and reasonable use of any) of any computer, server, hardware and software used for the business Provision of services offered on site

 Upload, transmit, transmit or transmit any material which is unusually large and / or imposes an unreasonable burden on the site's system and infrastructure.

 Collect or store personal information about other users for economic or illegal purposes or distribute spam (SPAM) To the site's servers and / or site users. In addition, the User will not sell, distribute or make any use of any informational tool on the Website or any other use that may harm the person to whom the information is relevant.

 Violate the rights of other users, including infringing on their good name, abuse or tracing of another user.


Will modify, edit, copy, pump information, adapt, sublicense, translate, sell, re-engineer, disassemble or reassemble any of its code sections, including the information base, and such hardware and software operations For the service.

 Any robot, retrieval and information search engine, or any other automated or manual tool designed to index, locate and retrieve information on the site, or any such tool designed to reveal the database and code structure on this site.

 Interferes with the operation of the site (including by interfering with the server operations and the computer network connected to the site or the computer network connected to it).

Will upload, broadcast or offer anything containing the following: (a) Materials that the Company considers offensive (including material that promotes or presents in a positive light - hate, violence, racism, or any entity (present or past) that focuses on or identifies with the "Or items identified with such entities; (b) material that is abusive and / or derogatory in relation to race or origin, libelous, harassing, or threatening; (c) pornography or other obscene material, and any material that presents minors, whether presents minors true or not, or is harmful to a minor; (d) any worm or Trojan horse, or any other harmful component or hindrance; (e) anything which encourages conduct that is a criminal offense, establish the right zoning plan Ah citizen, or violate any law, or which is offensive or inappropriate in any other way.

Customer Service

The Company will use its best endeavors to provide the User with the product ordered by it, at the requested date, in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. In the event that the User believes that the product provided to him or her later on the order placed by him on the Site and / or the services provided to him are defective, the User may contact Customer Service Representatives via "Contact Us"


The business does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual preference or any other status.


Business keeps itself the right to suspend, cancel or refuse to provide the service, and this is at the discretion and sole and without giving advance notice, including, but not limited to the following cases: (1) provide information that is not true , current, complete or correct, Or if the company has a reasonable basis for doing so; (2) User credit card is blocked or restricted for use in any way.

 The business may assign and / or transfer and / or transfer its rights under this policy, or any part thereof, to any corporation or third party at its sole discretion and without prior notice. The user may not assign and / or transfer his rights under this policy to a third party.

 The laws of the State of Israel will apply to this policy.

Privacy Policy

Log Boutique Wood Company 022962989 respects the privacy of users of the site. Terms that have not been defined in this Privacy Policy are defined in the Site Policy that can be viewed.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to explain what the business practices are about the privacy of users of the site and how the business collects information and how the business uses information provided to it by users of the site or collected by and when using the site. We recommend reading this policy carefully.

 Browsing the Site and using it and which of the Services offered within it are subject to the User's consent to the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy, you are requested not to use the Website.

 The terms in this document, which are not expressly defined herein, shall be construed in accordance with the definitions given to them in the Bylaws. These policies supplement the By-Law and form an integral part thereof, and shall be construed together.

The information entered into and / or collected on the Website

To place orders on the site, you will need to provide personal information, including name, email address, address, telephone number and credit card information.

You may share content on the Company's social networking pages and / or pages, including images

When you browse and use the Site, information is automatically collected from you, such as the geographic location of your computer when you use the Site, details of the computer's features, browser and operating system from which the system was used, the language used, information about the services you used, and how you use these services. , Including actions you have taken, where you came from, the pages you viewed, the duration of your session, the offers and services you were interested in, advertisements you viewed on the site, the URL from which you entered the site,IP And more, primarily - but not limited to - for business research, service learning and service improvement and as detailed below. The means of collecting this information include, among other things, the use of contact data, the use of cookies (cookies), Using the address IP Or a numeric code that identifies the computer through which you surfed the site.

All of the information specified in this Section 1 will be read below: "The Information".

By law, you do not have a legal obligation to provide the business with the information, and the delivery of the information depends on your wishes and consent. However, you represent that you know that the Company will not be able to use your website and provide various services if you do not obtain your consent and / or the required information.

The information collected (including the information you perform on the site) is stored in the business systems , and may also exist with server hosting providers and information backups and with other companies as described below (such as statistics and advertising companies and company lenders), which may also keep the information outside the borders of the State of Israel. You hereby authorize the transfer of information as stated in this Privacy Policy.

In addition, the information, except credit card details or payment methods, will be stored in the Company's database.

 For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that the Company is under no obligation to retain such information and may delete it or its portion, from time to time, at its discretion and needs.

Database of business

The database of the business is registered under the Privacy Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter referred to as "the Database " and "the Privacy Protection Law"), and the Company operates in accordance with the law and any other applicable law.

By providing the information you consent to the information being included in the said database and that the company may use it in accordance with the privacy policy and policy and according to any law. In addition, the information may be stored in third-party databases providing services to the Company, in Israel or abroad.

Without any legal advice, please note that (as of the date of this Privacy Policy), any person is entitled to consult himself or his authorized representative in writing or his / her guardian for information held in the database, all subject to the law. Anyone who has looked at the information on it and found it to be incorrect, complete, clear or up to date may contact the database owner to correct or delete the information. If the repository owner refuses to fulfill this request, he must notify the applicant in the manner and manner prescribed by the regulations. If a database owner's refusal is allowed to be perused and a refusal notice to correct or delete information, the information applicant may appeal before the Magistrate's Court in the manner and in the manner provided by the regulations.

A user who wants to remove himself from the database is obliged to notify the company through a request via contact. Upon receiving such a request, the Company will act to remove the user's information from the database within a reasonable time.

In the event of deletion of the information required by the business for conducting its business, including the documentation of commercial and other actions you have performed on the site, it will continue to be kept in the business databases by law, but will no longer be used for marketing inquiries to you.

Use of information collected based on the use of the site

We use or may use the information we collect, for the purpose of -

For ongoing site and service work needs, including execution and operation of the party you are party to, as well as orders and deliveries.

Monitoring and securing information about the site and its use.

Email messages to notify you, for example, of promotions and benefits as well as any other marketing and advertising information about the business. At any time, you have the option to request that you cease receiving such information by clicking the uninstall option.

Contact you if necessary. Please note that we may also record communication with you, among other things, to help resolve any issues you may encounter.

The proper operation and development of the site (and the provision and performance of the services offered therein) or sites to be set up by the Company in the future.

Any other purpose set forth in the Privacy Policy, the Site Policies or any other agreement between you and the Company.


Files Cookies And similar technologies

Files Cookies Are small text files that contain a string of characters that are sent to your device when you visit a particular site. When you return to the site, files  Cookies Allow the site to identify your browser. Files Cookies May contain different information, including information about your preferences as a user and your activity on the site. 


We use the information we collect through files Cookies For the regular operation of the site, for verification of information and information security and to improve the overall user experience and quality of the services we offer on the site. Without derogating from the aforementioned, the company uses file type Persistent Cookies Which help the company maintain your site characteristics and preferences when browsing the site; Session CookiesThat will remain temporarily on your device until the end of your site browsing; And yes Third Party Cookies Which originates from a non-company third party and which allow the company to operate the site, including Facebook Pixel Which allows you to identify the source of your browsing the site, subject to this Privacy Policy and Privacy Policy Facebook. After browsing the site, these files will remain on your device for a period or until you delete them.

The company does not oblige you to accept Cookies, And you can avoid receiving them at any time, as well as block or delete th eCookies, By changing the settings on the browser you are browsing to reject all the Cookies Or notify you when such a file is sent to your device. However, to the extent that you do, some of the operations or services on the Site may not work properly and your personal information may not be retained on the Website and may be required to be re-entered when you return to the Website.


Publications and advertisements

The business may send you occasional advertisements in various ways (including through SMS Or by e-mail), in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Communications Law 1982 (hereinafter: the "Spam Law).

The business may use the information received on the site and information that it collects about the website usage patterns, to improve the services on the site and / or in any other way it offers and to contact you if necessary, subject to the spam law. In accordance with the law, you may notify the business in writing that you do not wish to receive commercial advertisements.

Mailing of marketing offers

The business may email you from time to time, at SMS Or in any other media, information about its services as well as marketing and advertising information including updates, publications, announcements and various offers based on information contained in its databases, including using various characterizations of the information.

This information will only be sent to you if you have given your consent, and as long as you have not opted out, or to the extent permitted by law.

The business does not provide direct mailing services to others and will not transfer your information and information collected about you to third parties for direct mailing services unless you consent to it. However, the business may use its services on its behalf and, in this context, provide them with such information and information, subject to the aforementioned obligation of confidentiality.

Providing information to a third party

The business shares personal information and information collected about your actions on the site with third parties as follows:

We have received your consent. For this purpose, "consent" means informed consent, express or implied.

Help us operate the site and / or provide you services, including delivering the order through an external delivery service, as well as credit clearing companies in connection with the booking of the site.

Assist in understanding how the site's users and the services offered are used.

For exposing impersonation and checking the veracity of the details you provided.

In the event that the business is required by law or in cases where the business believes in good faith that such action is required to comply with the law, comply with legal proceedings and / or protect its rights or property or third party rights. In addition, in the event of a breach or attempt to violate the Bylaws and / or legal proceedings between you and the Company or a third party, including for the purpose of collecting any of your debt to the Company, we may disclose your complete and personal information as required for such proceeding.

Transmission of information to authorities (including tax authorities, money laundering authorities and / or counterterrorism authorities) to the extent such transfer is required by law.

We may allow you to share your friends on social networks such as Facebook , Twitter , Instagram or Pinterest . Actions you perform on the site using devices and components such as devices "Share " And "Like:. We will not disclose personal information to such social networks, but you should know that they may combine the above information with their existing information through your social network profile. Any such sharing is subject to the applicable social network usage policy.

Gathering information for statistical purposes

The business may use various companies or third-party tools that provide statistics about the use of the site (e.g.Google Analytics). The aforementioned third parties collect and analyze information about the extent of use of the Website, its frequency of use, the sources of user access to the Website and the like. The information collected is essentially statistical, it does not identify the user personally and is intended for analysis, research, control and marketing. As noted above, the Company may make any use of such statistical information, including its delivery to third parties, for consideration or not. The information which Google Analytics Gathering about your use of the system is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of Google Analytics below:


Use of information of minors

The user declares that he / she is competent to perform binding legal actions.

Users who are minors (under the age of 18) and / or are not permitted to take legal action without the permission of a guardian are required to inform their parents and / or their legal guardians (hereinafter: the "Parents") regarding the provisions of these Bylaws and obtain their consent to use the Site and carry out activity, Of any kind, within the site.

The responsibility and / or supervision of informing the minors who wish to browse the site applies only to the parents, in accordance with the articles of association. Any activity performed on the Site by a minor constitutes parental consent to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Security procedures and information confidentiality

The business dedicates resources and uses industry-standard measures to prevent site intrusion and prevent possible infringement of the privacy of users who use the site (both at the time of delivery and after receipt of the information). However, disruptions cannot be ruled out completely and therefore the business does not warrant that the services on the site are completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored therein. You will not have any claim, demand or claim against a business and / or its representative, and due to injuries, malfunctions and / or disruptions mentioned, and you waive any such claim. This paragraph does not derogate from the obligation of the enterprise under any law, including regulations for privacy protection.

The business takes common precautions to preserve, as far as possible, the confidentiality of information. Any communication of credit card information on or off the Site is secured through PayPal. The business does not save your credit card information. When placing an order, you enter the credit card information within a frame directly linked to the website of the third party service provider of the company responsible for clearing the business. The information transmitted to this service provider is stored in its databases. Despite this, confidential information may be impaired due to cases that were not controlled by the enterprise or arising by virtue of the upper or malicious activity of a third party. You know, and you acknowledge and agree that business is not the Ha liable for any damages of any kind, direct or indirect, caused to you and / or anyone on your behalf, if the information is lost, disclosed, or if it will do any unauthorized use.

The business will allow access to information only to those of its employees and consultants who need information to provide the service. Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, it is clarified that in the event of a dispute between you and the business, in any matter, the business may use such information as is necessary for its protection, to the extent necessary for this purpose and subject to the provisions of any law.

The business privacy policy does not extend to the responsibilities imposed upon me and in accordance with the law.

Privacy Policy Changes

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. If changes to the Privacy Policy regarding the use of the information are made, it will be notified if necessary. As long as you use the Website, it is your responsibility to periodically follow the policies and privacy policies published therein.

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